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“There is no better bait worm than a ‘Big Red

We breed the best from the best “

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Wholesale Bait Worms for Resellers

Need fishing bait for your caravan park or kiosk, service station or bait and tackle shop,?  Stocking live bait worms are a great way to attract more passing trade.

We sell premium bait worms called “Big Reds” (red wrigglers) in retail pack sizes from 50g to 1000g for freshwater fishing.  These packs are the same packs we retail from our internet shop  The 25g & 50g punnet pack is exclusive to resellers.

Want to know more?  Please register as a reseller and we will send you and information kit, pricing and conditions of sale.


Wholesale Live Bait Worms for Resellers


About “Big Red” Worms

“Big Reds”, Red Worms, Red Wigglers, Redworms, Red Wiggler Earthworms, Manure Worms, Red Wiggler Worms, Trout Worms, Compost Worms, Tiger Worms, and whatever you want to call them, these popular earthworms are the composting and fishing worm of choice.

Red worms are very popular live bait for catching fish that prefer small baits, such as Trout, Murray Cod, Mary River Cod, Sleepy Cod, Yellow Belly/Callop (Golden Perch), Silver Perch, Jade Perch / Barcoo Grunter, Jungle Perch, Spangled Perch, Blackfish, Australian Bass, Tarpon, Redfin, Catfish, Eels and Carp to name a few.

Red Wigglers are easy to use as bait, easily surviving in temperatures between 3 to 35 degrees Celsius.  Redworms are very active on the hook, and last longer under water than most other earthworms. Big Red Wiggler worms, as the name says, they wiggle - thrashing about on a hook - making them irresistible for fishes, giving you a bite in no time. Another plus is that Red Wigglers are not as sensitive to temperature and sunlight as common nightcrawlers. Common nightcrawlers need to be kept cool to survive, and are toast in the heat and sun.

Easy to raise and breed as composting worms and a ready supply for those seasonal fishing trips.


Wholesale Live Bait Worms for Resellers




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